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None of us imagined we’d be throwing out the rule book and launching a whole new way of working in the salon. But, it’s happened, we’ve got to adapt, and the new way of working might not be all doom and gloom. Maybe, there will be some new practices that will be here to stay.

So, What Does the New Client Journey Look Like?

Well, we’re assuming the waiting area will be a no-go zone, and it’s possible that the front of house role will be less prominent right now. The first thing we recommend is having plenty of sanitiser near the front door, so that when your client walks in, the first thing they will do is sanitise their hands to avoid spreading any germs.

Having a disposable gown, gloves and mask ready for when your client arrives is a good idea. To make the journey as seamless as possible, map out on the floor a ‘one way system’ so there’s no chance of anyone bumping into each other.
Salons will need to consider their appointment times so that not everyone arrives at once and we recommend staff are fully kitted out in masks, gloves and if need be, a disposable apron.
Once your client is fully protected, it’s worth having disposable antibacterial wipes or paper and sanitising spray at every station, and actually wiping the chair and station over in front of them so they can see it is freshly sanitised. The same with a cutting collar, if you sanitise the collar in front of your client, there’s no question over its cleanliness.

Reassure your clients that all drinks are served from paper cups that are kept sealed up until they’re used, so there’s no danger of the virus spreading.
We recommend having a bin by the front door so clients can dispose of their PPE as they leave the salon, and take a final serving of sanitiser as they head out with fabulous hair.
Ensuring your brushes, combs, scissors and all tools are spotlessly clean and hygienic is paramount. We advise taking guidance from each manufacturer on the best measures to take. Again, let the client see how you keep tools clean and actually make a moment to physically sanitise items in front of them – it will reassure them you’re serious about health and safety.

Remember, nothing lasts forever. If we can adopt these new measures, some of them may be here to stay and will result in a healthier salon environment all round.